American Socks lives by the lifestyle of alternative culture and groundbreaking urban attitude through your feet. Established in 2013, the brand kicked off re-issuing and improving the classic striped socks used by early skaters back in the 80s.

The challenge became a reality when we hit the road to attend music and sports festivals from all over Europe building up a community of #Sockers while improving and developing new generations of original products inspired by rock music, tattoo culture and extreme sports. We are the bold offbeat company that dares to be different by design.

Our heart is based in Barcelona but you can find our products through skate and streetwear shops in over 25 countries.


We live and thrive by music and sport. That’s why artists and athletes are the ones that inspire 
and lead our adventure. We support all fearless dreamers that keep pushing everyday to achieve 
their goals while sharing the same values we do.
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Do you have what it takes?


“Designed in Barcelona and
manufactured Locally for Action.”

We are proudly re-inventing the industry, pushing all boundaries and conceiving durable, high-quality socks and clothing that won’t wear off or break down easily.
We believe that a local production is the best way to oversee every aspect of the process. For this reason all concepts and design come out of our headquarters in Barcelona where our team guided 
by self-expression and creativity inspires in the millennial culture of the 90s while listening to a soundtrack of punk-rock and metal music to design striking apparel.
We are proud to have our sock manufacturing process made locally in Barcelona and Portugal.

We collaborate with local and international artist to design and conceive the most daring 
socks and clothing with attention to detail one by one. We are mavericks that live by our own rules. 
We inspire creativity with uncommon designs for unique people just like you.


Technical Construction: Shaped for Action
Our products are designed for your active lifestyle so your feet stay comfortable and safe during your session, workout or hike. These socks are constructed to outlast any other pair by a long shot.

  • Crafted Locally in Europe
  • Ready for Action & Impact Proof
  • Vegan Dyes & Eco Friendly Materials
  • Make you look cooler
  • Born in Music and Sports
  • Alternative Designs

Sustainability: Together for a Better Future

Our purpose is to produce quality clothing while being environmentally and socially responsible for the habitat throughout every stage of production. All our products are VEGAN, made under strict thoroughness using certified eco-friendly cotton and dyes.

Details matter, that’s why we are also concerned on how we deliver your order. We use recycled paper mailers for our shipments, eco-paper for our packaging and we strive to compensate for our Co2 emissions we release to the atmosphere while constantly trying new methods and materials to leave single-use plastic behind. 

Customer Care

Customers are our priority. That's why we work hard to make sure all your orders arrive as fast as possible in mint condition. We ship worldwide, it doesn’t matter where you are from, your order will get to your door even if we have to fly, climb or swim.

All our fulfillments are processed within the same day, shipped and delivered in 24 hours to anywhere on the planet.

Please check the exceptions and expected delivery times depending on the selected carrier and territory here. Our customer care team is available every day to deal with any questions, issues or special requests.

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